The WSP Italy Design” wheels from a dimensional point of view, have the same characteristics of O.E.M. wheels (diameter, channel width, PCD and ET). Therefore, they are all UNECE R124 approved and consequently they can be installed on the vehicles foreseen by the homologation, both in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

In addition they are JWL Via approved. so they already respond  to the UE Regulation 2144/2019 , (the new  European Regulation about Safety of the vehicle and its components,  mandatory  from July  2022) requirements.

All the  WSP Italy Design wheels  provide for the use  of  bolts/nuts same as fitted as original equipment, to avoid possible incorrect and dangerous  mounting when changing tyres in winter, for example, and absolutely exclude the use of reduction rings,  that inevitably result  in vibrations and bad tyre grip.