20 July 2014 - 7 minutes read

The alloy wheels WSP Italy are compatible spare parts for vehicles type-approved pursuant to Reg. UN/ECE n.124/2006, as provided for by artt.: 2.4.2. “Identical replacement wheels’”, 2.4.3 “Replica replacement wheels’” and 2.4.4 “Pattern part replacement wheels” *.
They are identical to the original wheels of the car manufacturers for design and size and they are traded in the full respect of Reg. EU 461/2010 as well as of art. 110 Reg. EU 6/2002, therefore exclusively with scope of repair and restoration of the original appearance of the vehicle for which they were designed, as ascertained by the installer, the reseller or the dealer being liable for that. For such reason, although they replicate the original design, they do not breach the IP rights of the car manufacturers.
Within the abovementioned provisions, the reseller commits itself to guarantee the good quality of the goods and to fix any defect of the product whether related to design’s defect, materials or tooling for the duration of 12 months.
The warranty starts from the purchase date of the product and it is related to the occurred registration of the details of purchase on the website www.wspitaly.com, by filling in the product codes certifying the authenticity of it.
After the purchase, the reseller is obliged to deliver the serial codes of the product to the buyer for the activation of the warranty (valid also for the traceability of the very product), for which the buyer will provide within 15 days from the purchase date. In case of missing registration, the seller won’t release the product warranty.
The seller pledges himself to replace those products resulting defective for bad quality of materials and tooling. The warranty period will last one year from delivery for the contracts B2B (Business To Business) with VAT, for which the law’s guarantees will be valid pursuant to artt. 1490 c.c. and following.
The probable existence of defects of the product neither causes the termination or dissolution of the sale contract nor the option for the buyer to exercise the right to ask refund of damages, but only the chance to get the repair or the replacement of the defective product if, according to the opinion of the seller’s technicians, the claim results to be grounded.
The warranty is valid for the defects appearing within 12 months from the registration of the serial codes of the product on the website. In such case the buyer decays from the warranty in case he doesn’t contest the defects within 8 days from their discovery.
The existence of an original defect will have to be in any case proven objectively by the buyer with attachment of the relevant pictures, since he cannot invoke any legal presumption or other hypothesis of objective responsibility. If, during inspection, defects imputable to original faults of the product covereb by warranty are not discovered, the seller will debit the buyer with the minimum charge besides the cost of repair.

The parts, the components and/or the accessories repaired or replaced in warranty period are guaranteed only for the remaining period of duration of the warranty related to the product on which they are installed.
The buyer decays from the warranty’s right, apart from the expiry of the maximum law term, also in the following cases:
– when the payment of the invoice is not made timely;
– when the instructions given by the seller for the use, installation and maintenance of the product, have not been observed;
– when the product has been modified without previous approval by the seller;
– when the product has been used other than the use for which it has been intended for.
The improper use of the alloy wheels WSP Italy consists in a bad assembly due to the missing observance of the technical specs provided for a given vehicle to which the wheel is intended for or for missing observance of the requirements of fitment of the product to a vehicle such as it results from the certificate of homologation of such vehicle.
Considering the high level of technical aspects and the specific nature of purchased products, the buyer is obliged to respect strictly the prescriptions and recommendations under the aspect of safety and reliability related to the use, the assembly and the storage of the products. The seller doesn’t take on any responsibility for the assembly of the purchased products and for their use in abnormal conditions and declines any responsibility in case of improper use of such products.
Any obligation of the seller for defects arising from the normal wear and tear of products, bad maintenance, mistake in manipulation, overweight, cleaning with abrasive detergents and strains over the limitations specified in the basic manual, recognized as causes of force majeur, is left out.
In case the product be already mounted on the vehicle, it’s necessary to bring it to the offices of the manufacturer and inspected by its people or anyway the claim must be accompanied by pictures.
The warranty provided for in this article doesn’t include the costs for transportation, shipment and probable transfers of the seller’s personnel.
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