Cerchi in lega WSPItaly,wheels
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w2The WSP ITALY alloy wheels, a product of high technology, are manufactured with extreme care and precision.
Despite their high quality, should the product show any defect , it will be covered by a guarantee having the following terms and conditions.
The guarantee, for normal painting, polishing and chromium plating, is valid for 12 months from the purchasing date. It doesn't cover defects arising from incorrect use or bad maintenance of the product. Any other form of guarantee and/or compensation, conventional or legal, is excluded.
The guarantee is valid only if the purchasing date is confirmed by the seller's stamp and accompanied by a recognized sales document or by online registration.
The guarantee is valid in all the countries in which the wheels are officially sold by WSP ITALY or by an authorized distributor.
All the wheels sold by WSP ITALY, with reference to codes, models, design, finish and accessories must be checked upon receipt.
In case of claims about possible damages to the wheels for breakage, scratches or anything else that may be attributed to transportation, please inform immediately the courier. In case of claims about any other defects, you have to forward your claim to WSP ITALY within 24 hours from the receipt of goods.
cerchi in lega ,wheels