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Identification, traceability and check of alloys authenticity

Alloys, traceability and authenticity check – WSP Italy

WSP Italy is the trademark of Acacia that supplies 58 countries all over the world. We are the worldwide leaders in replacement wheels production. We are officially accredited by the Italian Ministry of Transports and the VCA(Vehicle Certification Agency) of the Ministry of Transports of the UK. Our wheels are tested according to the most demanding national and supranational standards such as the German TÜV, the Japanese JWL and VIA rules, Ghost-R and the European law. WSP Italy is yet the only manufacturer whose production is fully respondent to the new European Regulation UN/ECE R124.


Product traceability and autenticity product

The original product Wsp Italy is produced using a mould with our mark engraved inside.

In addition each wheel is provided with a Serial Warranty Code whose activation permits to check its authenticity, its traceability and warranty terms.

If you find out any difference from the attached picture, or if the mark isn’t engraved in the wheel, please send an email to the following address: info@wspitaly.com.
Each Wsp Italy product is tested according to the JWL-VIA rules, GOST-R and ECE/ONU.

In order to get conformity for the homologated product, it is also necessary to get conformity during the production cycle. It is for this reason that Wsp Italy tests the whole production process of alloy wheels, starting from the design to the production schedule, till the manufacturing. After manufacturing, Wsp Italy alloy wheels are checked again one by one; “The Quality Control Department” sticks a mark on the external packaging which guarantees the quality, in accordance to set standards concerning balancing, rolling, dimensional tolerance, painting and special finish.

The strength of WSP Italy trademark, symbol of quality and reliability in its field, has led our competitors to clumsy attempts of imitation and in some circumstances even to the counterfeiting of our products. In the area named “AUTHENTICITY CHECK – TREACEABILITY AND WARRANTY ACTIVATION”it is possible to register the purchased product and activate the warranty with the related confirmation of its authenticity.

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